Sunday, February 6, 2011

Seems like everybody wants to become Rock Stars , but how can you be different ? how can you stand out from the rest when there are so many original ideas and great talents that make you feel "damn, why havnt i thought of that?" 

ive had this idea of making a band far too long , ive had these tunes in my head as long as i can remember myself, and i cant seem to make them come out ..  
it seems to me im stuck in this concrete without a jackhammer in the vicinity, this society of normality is pushing me to the corner and the "Path" which i must undertake to become a successful man . 

they call it a Happy Man , youre supposed to be happy making lots of Money and Owning things.
youre supposed to be happy spending your time on tiring tasks that you really dont enjoy?

we`d be happy if we could do the things we love..

the sad truth is that most of you wont follow their dreams , why ? because its too risky , or youre too scared, or you have something right now and you think "ok, il try to do something about what i love after this thing is over coz this is important now", it is acceptable , hey you convinced me , but trust me after this thing will come another thing , and then another thing , and then another thing . 
if you wanna do something you love , MAKE THE TIME.

just a thought which im trying ..


  1. Tip from someone semi ish making it in the Industry
    NEVER forget this

    Hit me up if you ever want to net jam/collaborate
    Been a while but I'd love to get back on it


  2. p.s sorry for the confusion
    problems with blogger
    please go to this blog

  3. True stuff man. Tough trying to be practical and do what you love at the same time...good luck to you :)

  4. good luck man, these type of things only make you stronger.