Saturday, April 9, 2011

Welcome to the real life, where work will kill your time, and time will eventually kill you.

something i thought about . maybe il use it in a song one day

This guy is killing the guitarr

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Seems like everybody wants to become Rock Stars , but how can you be different ? how can you stand out from the rest when there are so many original ideas and great talents that make you feel "damn, why havnt i thought of that?" 

ive had this idea of making a band far too long , ive had these tunes in my head as long as i can remember myself, and i cant seem to make them come out ..  
it seems to me im stuck in this concrete without a jackhammer in the vicinity, this society of normality is pushing me to the corner and the "Path" which i must undertake to become a successful man . 

they call it a Happy Man , youre supposed to be happy making lots of Money and Owning things.
youre supposed to be happy spending your time on tiring tasks that you really dont enjoy?

we`d be happy if we could do the things we love..

the sad truth is that most of you wont follow their dreams , why ? because its too risky , or youre too scared, or you have something right now and you think "ok, il try to do something about what i love after this thing is over coz this is important now", it is acceptable , hey you convinced me , but trust me after this thing will come another thing , and then another thing , and then another thing . 
if you wanna do something you love , MAKE THE TIME.

just a thought which im trying ..

so its been always a dream

always a dream , never a reality